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FAQ's, Insurance, Groupon, and Wagjag Customers

1. I don't have my Prescription. Can you contact my doctor to get a copy of my Prescription? Yes, we absolutely can contact your doctor to get a copy of your Prescription. Please email us with all your information, and your doctors information, and we will make the request. Our email is:

2. I don't have a Prescription. Can you read my prescription off of my old pair of glasses? Yes, we can read your prescription and PD off of your old pair of Glasses. Just ship us your old pair of glasses, along with a note indicating your order number for the new pair of frames you have purchased online. We will manufacture your new glasses, and will send both pairs back to you.

3. I don't have my PD. How can I measure my PD? PD (Papillary Distance) is the distance between the two pupils in your eyes. PD measurements should be done by professional licenced Opticians, as prescription lenses are made according to this measurement. The more accurate the PD, the more accurate will be your lenses, and the better will be your vision. You can always ask your Doctor/Optometrist to include your PD measurements with your prescription. You can also visit any optical store, and ask the Opticians to measure your PD for a small fee. Alternatively, you can request one of our mobile Opticians to visit you in your HOME or OFFICE, to show you the exact frames you have purchased, and to measure your PD, Tilt, Wrap, Vertex Distance at the same time. 

For Groupon and Wagjag Customers:

Our Groupon or Wagjag Deals cannot be redeemed On our online store.

Each Groupon or Wagjag you buy has a specific Code generated after purchase.

As we do not know what your Groupon or Wagjag Code is going to be, we cannot program your Groupon or Wagjag discount on our site.

Hence Groupons and Wagjags can only be redeemed at our Retail location.

Groupons and Wagjags can only be applied on Regular priced Frame and Lenses, and cannot be used in combination with Sale items. One Groupon or Wagjag is Limited to one pair of prescription Glasses or Prescription Sunglasses.

*** Keep in mind that we carry almost all makes and models of Frames, even though you might not see it on our online store yet. 


Insurance Billing:

We deal with all insurance companies directly. We also cover Students, ODSP, Social Assistance, and Indian Affairs benefits.

We can directly bill your insurance or benefit coverage if you visit our retail store.

If you purchase any items through our online store, we will email you an official receipt, which you can send to your insurance company to do your claim.


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