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Burberry BE1297

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100% Authenticity Guarantee: All of our frames are guaranteed to be 100% Authentic, and most come with a 2 year warranty. All are shipped from our warehouses in Canada and US and can be traced with their original brand name serial numbers. As a matter of fact, we have ordered from many of our competing online optical stores and have received fake products shipped to us from China, with inferior quality, and with no success of returning the products. Do a bit of research before you order from any other online stores. We can prove the Authenticity of all our products.

Why is Authenticity so important? It all boils down to your vision. Your new pair of Eyeglasses or Sunglasses should withstand the many elements of abuse, such as heat, cold, humidity, sweat, drops, temple or front bending, opening, closing, tarnish or corrosion resistance, and outdoor weathering from the sun. Material used to make authentic frames and lenses are of higher quality and cost, and can withstand the many elements of abuse such as leaving your sunglasses in the extreme heat of the summer in your car. All non-authentic frames and lenses are cheaper, and hence made of cheaper quality material. A frame that is made out of cheap quality material can easily loose its shape and twist, causing the lens to twist and cause distortion in your vision. A low quality lens may have local distortions or prisms that contribute to blur or discomfort. This can lead to headaches, nausea, and fatigue of your eye muscles. Such fatigue causes continuous stress on your eyes, and your eyes go through more prescriptions changes in shorter periods of time. So next time you are shopping for your new eye wear, keep in mind the source its coming from. Paying less means you are getting products that look original, but are not recommended for the health of your eyes.

Superior Vision: Our new, Hi-Tech lenses give you superior vision. Compared to all other lens designs on the market, our lenses are known to produce no stress to your eyes, hence minimizing constant prescription changes.

Lens Packages: All our High Definition (HD) lens packages come standard with our Gold Coatings Combo Pack at no additional charge to you.

Included FREE of charge are the following:

- Elite Hard Coat / Impact Resistance Coat

- Scratch Resistance Coat

- Anti-Reflection (AR) Coat

- Anti-Glare

- Easy Clean / Smudge Resistance Coat

- Anti-Fog

- Anti-Static

- Hydrophobic (Water Repellent)

- UV Protection

- Oleophobic (Oil Repellent)

Optional Coating: LED/Blue/Anti-Radiation Coating

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